My name is Alyona. I'm 15 years old. Russian.
I'm very glad to say welcome to you all in right here. My blog could be interested you if you love Sherlock, Doctor Who, Muse and all British as me too.
Well, you can ask me something you want. I'll try to answer them all.
I believe you'll like my blog. xxx

p.s. the main titles of the blog have been taken from Megalomania by Muse.
Benedict Cumberbatch for GQ Magazine

The Imitation Game - Official Trailer

The Imitation Game - Official Trailer

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Today I have to say to you one simple thing: I’ll left this blog for some days as I have done it during a few months. I’m so sorry for you, but I don’t have time for posting something here. I’m sure you can understand me correctly.

Your Alyona


Anonymous asked:
Since what time have you been listening to genius Muse? Suppose I've found not less genius muser than themselves! Post more about our lovely group, please.

I’ve been listening to them more than two years (I know it’s such a small timeline), they are breaking my mind with every song, every stroke, every word.

10x you a lot, I suppose you are genius too! Why did you write me anonymously? It’s bad! I want to have a conversation with you. Maybe we’ll can a friendship in the future because our interests in legendary Muse are common, am I right? 


Talking about hate messages on the internet
Steven: I’d love to meet people who write that shit on the internet, face to face, and see them go *woob woob woob*